Therefore was an experimental band consisting of Wayne Feldman and Michael Kaufmann. Both members played multiple instruments in live performances and in recorded works. Formed in 1996, Therefore played their final show, a 12 hour performance, in 2006 at Brooklyn’s Fire Proof Gallery. Following their performance, the band sold their instruments to the assembled crowd, and left the rest on the street the next day.

Therefore’s live show was often an eight hour performance, with several performances lasting significantly longer including a twenty-two and a thirty hour show. They performed in traditional rock clubs and art galleries around the United States, including performances at The American Visionary Art Museum, Big Orbit Gallery, Marcel Sitcoske Gallery as part of the exhibition re: Rauschenberg, and others.

Therefore incorporated elements of punk, progressive economics, and sonic graffiti. Therefore’s CD release Khrom was progressively priced costing the buyer one hour’s wages. Free EPs were regularly posted on the web, and over 500 one-of-a-kind releases (each individually numbered and dated) were given away by the band over the course of their existence. The band’s Geoaural installation in Olympia, Washington consisted of hidden battery powered tape decks playing their music while the atmospheric sounds of the locations where the tape decks were located played continuously in the band’s studio.