Isotope is a strategic initiative designed to identify the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra as one of the most visionary and forward thinking cultural organizations in the country. Isotope will consist of four unique programs that mix new technology, new methods, new artists, and new audiences to broaden the reach and impact of the ISO.

In a unique curatorial collaboration between The Kinetic Project, The Royal Wigs, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Newsound is a series of new music evenings (approxi- mately 6 a year) beginning with the 2012/2013 season. Newsound will generate and incubate premieres, new programming, and help recruit emerging composers. [UPDATE: This mutated into a partnership with New Amsterdam Presents.]

Outsound is a geographically specific piece of music experimentation that creates “monuments of sound.” Using geo-tagged, site-specific commis- sioned compositions, Outsound will weave technology, music, and place to identify, celebrate, and problematize public spaces. By employing social media and grass-roots digital media, Outsound will take on open and crowd-sourced approach. A major component of Outsound will be its website and mobile interface, a platform for people to upload their own compositions and link them to a specific place in Indianapolis, similar to the commissioned compositions. Other people will be able to respond with comments, photography, video, or by remixing already posted music. [UPDATE: This project was subsequently realized as Sound Expeditions in partnership with the Indianapolis Museum of Art.]

The Soundbus is a way to address the increasing need for music in schools and provide under-served populations with the experience of symphonic music. It will present symphonic music with a medium everyone is innately familiar with: the school bus. This bus will transport a number of ISO musicians to a school, public gathering place, or event. There, they’ll disembark, and, in flash-mob style, play a short set, then leave the same way they came.

Resound is a conference focused on innovation within cultural organizations. The two-day event will bring in thought leaders from various fields, from music to art to architecture to science and technology. Resound’s central purpose will be to launch the Center for Innovation and Isotope and establish the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra as a leader in the fields of music and culture. It will initiate the conversation that the Center and Isotope will expand upon as it progresses. The conference will utilize non-traditional conferencing and group collaboration, pulling from Pecha Kucha and TED Talks and other cutting-edge presentation and interaction techniques for formatting inspiration.

Date: May 2011

Collaborators: Michael Kaufmann and John Beeler

Graphic Design: Matt Hale