Avant-Brunch combines music and food and places it inside a unique venue. Drawing inspiration from an assigned musical album local chefs craft an exclusive menu and serve it within a museum setting. The curated selections, food and music alike, enhance each other to create a one-of-a- kind multi-sensory experience. Previous Avant Brunches have featured the music of Helado Negro, My Brightest Diamond, Palmbomen II, Son Lux, Besnard Lakes, and Stuart Hyatt. Chefs featured have included John and Ashley Brooks of Milktooth, Erin Till of Libertine/Pizzology, Alan Sternburg of Cerulean, Andrew Whitmoyer of Thunderbird, Neal Brown of Neal Brown Hospitality, and Greg Hardesty of Recess.

Date: September 2013 - 2016

Collaborators: John Beeler, Michael Kaufmann, Scott Stulen

Logo Design: Rita Troyer