The 1828 Project, is a civic leadership tract for people between the ages of 18 and 28. Carefully curated and structured to foster intentional relationships with a cross sector of Indianapolis’ thought leaders and decision makers, 1828 jump-starts participants’ civic impact by connecting them with the resources and people who can help them succeed. We believe these leaders have ideas ready to implement now, not in ten years. Pulling from both traditional and non-traditional paths, 1828 seeks to promote the integration of all types of diversity within Indianapolis’ leadership ecosystem to be an incubator for young leaders with tangible projects that will have a significant civic and cultural impact on the city. It also introduces the participants to each other, allowing for professional networking, empathetic conversations and high-fives that these young leaders might not find from their regular weekend crowd. It’s our hope that these relationships will last long past 1828 and influence the culture of civic leadership throughout Indianapolis for years to come. In its seventh year it has facilitated over seventy-five participants.

Date: 2011 - Present

Collaborators: Michael Kaufmann and Molly Chavers 

Logo Design: Matt Hale